The Canadian Beef Advantage


We believe that Heritage Angus Beef provides what health-conscience consumers are demanding in beef: a safe wholesome food that can be savoured and trusted.

We firmly believe that the health of the land and the health of the animal are critical to producing wholesome top-quality beef.
Our cattle are outside and have access to clean water and fresh air.

We believe that the way plants, animals and people relate in a robust, sustainable environment is crucial to the flourishing and wellness of the world we all share.

We can't emphasize enough how important rock-solid family values are to us. It's the foundation of how we live our lives and how we do business. The only way we can envision a future where land and water resources are sustainably managed is by working together, in harmony with one another and with nature.

Heritage Angus Beef Standards:

  • Traceability from pasture to plate.
  • Canadian Angus Beef.
  • Raised without the use of antibiotics, added hormones or steroids.
  • Raised on vegetarian feed.
  • Humanely Raised.


What distinguishes Canadian beef from other global suppliers? Topping the list is our unique grading system that factors in many important quality criteria for domestic and global customers.

The Canadian grading system screens for quality characteristics beyond those in other systems, resulting in a more consistent product. For example, only carcasses under 30 months of age with bright red meat colour can qualify for the Canadian "A" grades. Contrast that with the U.S. grading system where "dark cutters" — dark meat colour resulting from pre-slaughter stress— are accepted in Choice, Select and Standard grades.


As well, Canada's regulatory and safety standards are among the best in the world. Our internationally respected food safety system begins at the grass roots with on-farm HACCP programs, a cattle feed safety system and animal disease surveillance system both monitored by the CFIA. Canada is also the first country in North America to establish a National Cattle Identification System which enhances animal health control through its trace-back capabilities.

 Prime Slightly abundant30 Months or youngerBright red onlyNo yellow fat permitted
 AAA Small30 Months or youngerBright red onlyNo yellow fat permitted
 AA Slight30 Months or youngerBright red onlyNo yellow fat permitted
 A Trace30 Months or youngerBright red onlyNo yellow fat

The unparalleled taste and tenderness of Heritage Angus Beef is a result of exceptional genetics, meticulous care and feeding, finishing on barley grain and silage, and the aging process. Because we pay careful attention to the animal's health and diet, Heritage Angus Beef consistently grades AA, with the majority grading AAA with a high marbling score and high tenderness level. Our products are Canadian Angus beef.